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 Christmas Carol Lights (this is really cool)

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PostSubject: Christmas Carol Lights (this is really cool)   Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:14 pm

Christmas Carol Lights

If you have a piano, this is the perfect decoration to hang over it.

Page of music
Untempered masonite or 1/4" plywood 24X36 (or size dictated by your music)
Rubber cement
Wood for frame, 3/4 - 1-1/2", about 10'
White glue
1" nails
1" black tape
Minature tree lights

Look for a favorite carol with melody notes separate from piano score.
Cut away piano score. Rubber cement the title, Melody notes and words to white cardboard, using care to line up music staffs and verses accurately.

Allow a generous margin around the printed material and order a negative photostat blowup from a photo copying firm, the width you want the finished picture to be, including the margins, plus an extra inch all around to wrap around the frame.

Cut masonite or plywood to dimensions of picture and make a simple butt-joint frame to brace it on the back. Nail picture board to frame and countersink nails, edge of board should be flush with edge of frame.

Use rubber cement to mount photostat on face of board, following this procedure carefully to get a wrinkle free surface. Lay photostat over board and mark each corner with a pinprick. Turn photostat over and draw outline of picture on back by connecting pinmarks. Coat this area evenly with rubber cement, also coat entire surface of board with rubber cement. Let dry.

Lay 2 large sheets of tracing paper over the dried cement on the photostat. leaving about 2" uncovered photostat. Lining up corners with the pencil outline, then press to bond the center strip (cemented surfaces will bond tightly when they touch).

Turn over both board and photostat, so photostat is now on top. One side at a time, start pulling out the tracing paper - slowly - smoothing the photostat to the board as you go. Protect surface from fingermarks by rubbing with cloth.

Cement photostat to sides of frame, too, cutting corners at a 90 degree angle. Cover sides of frame with black tape.

Drill holes through notes to fit miniature light sockets. Pull lights out of sockets, push sockets into holes from back, insert lights through holes from the front. If you have more lights than notes, wind the extras through an arrangement of greens under the picture.
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Christmas Carol Lights (this is really cool)
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