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 About Pumpkins

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Pumpkins are actually Fruit, There
seeds are a member of the Cucurbita-or Gourd family along with cucumbers and melons and squash.
The Largest Pumpkin in North America weighted 1,262 lbs. It was grown in Canby, Oregon in 2001
(lots of yummy pies)

The Jack-0'-Lantern
comes from an Irish myth about a man named "Stingy Jack, who tricked the devil and was sent into the night with only a burning piece of coal to light his way. He put the hot coal in a carved out turnip and still roams the earth to this day. To scare away Jack and other wandering spirits, the Irish carved scary faces into turnips and potatoes, placing them in windows and doorways.
Creative Pumpkin Carving
Don't look for a perfect Pumpkin, the bumps make for great warts and freckles.
You can carve gourds, and Watermelons too. You can make Quite a Unique
Jack-O-Lantern Family
Instead of Cutting the Pumpkin at the Stem, Cut the Pumpkin at the Base that way its easier to place Candle inside, Just pick the Pumpkin up and it sits Level, as not to tip over as easily
To make your Pumpkin last longer wash the inside with a solution of Water and Bleach (that slows the decay down) And then Coat the Inside with Petroleum Jelly.
Have A Safe And Fun Halloween!
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About Pumpkins
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