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 Haunted Asylum's

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If spirits are actually the personalities of those who once lived and refused to cross over to the other side at the moment of death.... then wouldn’t these spirits reflect the turmoil of that former life? And if hauntings are the residual effects of trauma being imprinted on the atmosphere of a location, then wouldn’t places where terror and insanity were commonplace be especially prone to these hauntings?




An abandoned lunatic hospital perched on a hill north of Danvers, Massachusetts, on New England Interstate 95. From the highway, automobile occupants can look up at the foreboding tree-shrouded silhouette of Danvers State, one of the most mysterious landmarks in our region.




The 2-foot-high letters, spray-painted on a wall at the end of a dank corridor, run together into one word: MONUMENTTOHUMANMISERY. Whoever is responsible for the graffiti is long gone, his motivations now a mystery. But the message he left behind speaks volumes about the intrigue this now-crumbling institution has held for its neighbors since it opened 141 years ago as the Northampton Lunatic Hospital.




Monson State Developmental Center in Palmer, Ma. was originally the home of the Monson Sanitarium. The State Hospital itself is still in operation and there are over 40 buildings on the property, most being used as offices, etc. The original two buildings of the sanitarium were built in the late 1700's and have not been used since the early 1950's. They were originally used to house the criminally insane. These two buildings, long abandoned, stand on the back of the property and still contain apparatus used to restrain former patients, as they are bolted to floors and walls, such as chairs used to restrain violent patients, bathtubs equipped with wrist and neck shackles, shackles bolted into walls, and the like.



The Athens Mental Health Center, in Athens County, is located on a hill across the Hocking River in Ohio. It opened in January 9, 1874 on land purchased from a local farmer named Coates’s. In recent years, the State Hospital campus last known as ‘The Ridges”, has been absorbed into the Ohio University campus and now houses several of the University buildings. Obviously, lots of changes have taken place on this plot of land, but there still exists some original remnants of the old institution - not entirely physical remnants though…




The Fremantle Arts Centre & Museum formerly the colony's lunatic asylum. Arguably one of the most Haunted buildings in Australia. The magnificent building which now houses the Fremantle Arts Centreand the Fremantle History Museum has a colourful history . It was built in the 1860s from local limestone and timbers using convict labour for use as an asylum for deranged convicts. The Fremantle Lunatic Asylum was designed by Lieutenant Colonel Henderson, Controller of the Convict Establishment, and work began in 1861. In 1865, 45 male & female patients were admitted.





The history of The Essex Mountain Sanatorium begins with The Newark City Home, which was established in Verona New Jersey in 1873 on property which is today the grounds of the Verona High School. The purpose of the home was to both reform the children of Newark who "were treading the downward path" and to serve as an orphanage. In 1900, a great fire destroyed the main building of the home and the trustees had decided that the whole institution should be changed from the congregate massing of children in one building, to the "cottage system", a system in which boys and girls are segregated and children are grouped into "families", with each "family" consisting of not more than 50 children. Under the new system, a separate cottage would be needed for the girls. Later that year, a site roughly a quarter-mile northwest of the boys' cottages was chosen for its location, and money was appropriated for its construction. The cornerstone for the "Newark City Home for Girls" was laid on the crest of the Second Orange Mountain in Verona, the highest point in Essex County, on October 30, 1900. The building was completed and opened in January of 1902, but the number of delinquent girls was small and in most cases homes for them could be secured in private families. Four short years later in 1906, due to this decreasing enrollment, the girls cottage was phased out and the building stood vacant.Read More About
Essex Mountain Sanitorium
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Haunted Asylum's
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