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 Staples - about Wines and Liquors

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PostSubject: Staples - about Wines and Liquors   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:46 pm

Staples - about Wines and

Wines and Liquors - The reason for cooking with wines and liquors is that they impart an incomparable flavor and bouquet. Use the same quality wines and liquors in cooking that you would want to drink. Sweet wine should be used primarily with desserts, but sometimes the sweet cooked wines are used to flavor a savory sauce.

Alcohol evaporates during cooking, when you cook with wine, the finished dish will not be alcoholic. The longer it cooks, the deeper and richer a wine sauce will be. Avoid special cooking wines, they are not the real thing and often give a harsh flavor
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Staples - about Wines and Liquors
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