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 Staples - about Vinegar

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PostSubject: Staples - about Vinegar   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:47 pm

Staples - about Vinegar

Vinegar - is the result of the acetic fermentation of an alcoholic liquid and has an acid taste. There are four basic, common vinegars:

White Vinegars, all purpose vinegar, which is very sharp

Cider Vinegar, which is strong and often used in pickling

Red and White Wine Vinegars, gentler, particularly nice in salads

Herb Vinegars, available commercially but also easy to make yourself.

Japanese Rice Vinegars, now generally available, is lovely and mild on fruit salad and tender tasting vegetables.

In addition to being essential in the kitchen as a seasoning, vinegar acts as a preservative and is also useful in marinades to break down tough tissues.

To make Wine Vinegar.

Put Red or White Wine in a large-mouthed bottle and let stand, uncovered, in a warm dark place for several months. Don't use a Wine that has turned sour. it takes good wine to produce a good wine vinegar. If you add a "Mother" - the thick glob of skin that forms in the bottom of vinegar bottle - the wine vinegar will be ready much sooner, a matter of weeks
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Staples - about Vinegar
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