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 Staples - about Fat's (butter, suet, shortening. etc)

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PostSubject: Staples - about Fat's (butter, suet, shortening. etc)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:55 pm

Staples-about Fats (butter, suet,shortening.etc)



Margarine is a vegtable fat which is used as a substitute for butter. It does not have as fine a taste and texture as butter and does not hold up in cooking

Since margarine is no longer especially economical in comparison with butter, butter is always preferable, unless you have been told to avoid animal fats

Solid Vegetable Shortening

Comes in cans and keeps indefinitely

It is usually white and has no taste

While its appearance is not exactly enticing, this vegetable fat has many uses, it tolerates high heat in frying, and it provides moisture and tenderness to baking, making a particulaly flaky piecrust


is rendered pork fat. In its pure form, its considered the best of all cooking fats. Commercial lards, however, are not always as dependable. Pick your brand carefully because some taste of preservatives. Lard should have no taste. Refrigerate, well wrapped, and don't keep it too long.

Bacon Fat

has its own character and flavor. it's food for frying things like corn it is often used in cooking field greens. After frying bacon, pour off the fat into a crock or coffee can and keep in a cool place

Salt Pork

is cured pork fat

The crisp fried bits of salt pork that remain after the fat has been rendered are delicious in chowders, with greens, and mixed into biscuits

The fat itself is very salty, so salt judiciously.

Rendered Chicken and goose fat

have distinctive flavors and are marvelous for frying potatoes, onions, and root vegetables. Properly rendered fat will keep indefinitely

Suet is beef fat

the best suet is the fat from around the kidney. It imparts a wonderful flavor try it sometime for fried potatoes

It is particularly valued for steamed puddings and mincemeat, adding moisture as it melts in the cooking
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Staples - about Fat's (butter, suet, shortening. etc)
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