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 Roasting Temperatures

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PostSubject: Roasting Temperatures   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:56 pm

Roasting Temperatures

Temperatures are most accurately determined by using a Thermometer

Beef, In the center not touching the bone

130F (54C) Rare

160F (71C) Medium

180F (82C) Well Done

Lamb in the center not touching the bone

140F (60C) Pink

145F (63C) Medium-rare

165F (74C) Well done

Pork and Veal, in the center not touching the bone

160F (71C)


Chicken, in the breast 170F (77C)

Chicken, in the thigh 185F (85C)

Duck in the thigh 180F (82C)
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Roasting Temperatures
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