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 Did You know About Baby Carrots?

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Did You know About Baby Carrots? Empty
PostSubject: Did You know About Baby Carrots?   Did You know About Baby Carrots? EmptyTue Nov 18, 2008 1:17 am

Did you know this about "baby" carrots?

The 'cute' cocktail carrots that you buy in grocery stores come from deformed crooked big carrots (actually they're not deformed - that's the way nature makes them!). They are put through a machine to become small cocktail carrots.

After they are cut to size they are soaked in large vats of water mixed with chlorine to preserve them........ The same chlorine you use for your swimming pools. They don't have the protection of the skin so they use a good amount of chlorine. (Yummy - makes me want to drink from the swimming pool!)

Notice that after you have stored the carrots in the fridge for a while, a white film forms on's the chlorine coming to the surface.

At what cost do we risk our health to have esthetically presentable VEGGIES .....?????? (And roasts that are partially cooked, but have no preservatives and yet it doesn't go bad? YUK. Or precooked bacon. Just how stupid are we consumers??)

Well Folks...... I think after reading this, the very least we can do for ourselves and our kids is to start making our own carrot sticks out of fresh carrots.

Or there is the alternative - continue to believe food processors when they lie about what kind of preservatives they use and how much is used.

AND continue to pay the high price for the words, "I'm too busy".
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Did You know About Baby Carrots?
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