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 Nylon Pumpkins

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PostSubject: Nylon Pumpkins   Nylon Pumpkins EmptyFri Aug 21, 2009 8:30 am

I love this idea, I found this over at another site I belong to, and wanted to share this with people here,

~Nylon Pumpkins~
Here is the instructions for making the nylon pumpkins.
They are so easy to make and you can make them any size you choose.

2 pairs panty hose
orange spray paint
green wire for twisting
fiber fill
2 rubber bands

Cut the panty hose off at the tops of the legs, and then cut the
toes off. With the first pair of legs make an X with the second pair of
legs cross the X (so the panty hose will look like cut up pie sections)
in the center of the X tie all panty hose together with string, tie tightly.
Then add your polly fill to each leg till desired fullness. Now bring up each
section to top and hold together until you have all the ends gathered at the top.
Rubber band them off. Then just twist and sort of braid all the pieces together to form the stem.
Spray paint orange. When dry glue on leaves and add twisted wire.
* Note
You can do this with knee highs and make smaller pumpkins, and you can also cut
the legs of panty hose in half for smaller pumpkins. These are just so easy to make,
and add such a nice touch to your fall decorations.
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Nylon Pumpkins
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