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 Pumpkin Pots

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PostSubject: Pumpkin Pots   Pumpkin Pots EmptyFri Aug 21, 2009 8:35 am

Pumpkin Pots Dpp22710

DecoArt Products Required
Patio Paint
DCP01 - Pinecone Brown
DCP03 - Fern Green
DCP07 - Geranium Red
DCP27 - Red Pepper
DCP28 - Fiesta Yellow
DCP36 - Tiger Lily Orange


Brushes - Synthetic Brushes for Acrylics: 1" Sponge Brush, #10 Flat
Supplies - Water container, paper towels, palette paper, scissors, masking tape, 6" natural brown covered wire, paper towel inner core, thick tacky glue or hot glue gun & sticks, waxed paper, rolling pin
10", 8" & 6" Terra Cotta Pots
10", 8" & 6" Terra Cotta Saucers
1 Pkg. Celluclay or other papier maché molding compound


Product Note
Patio Paint is a self-sealing exterior paint. No prior preparation is needed when working on wood. For other surfaces, follow directions on label. Patio Paint may be used on all porous surfaces such as concrete, terra cotta, wood, plaster, etc. Because of the self-sealing agents, the paint does not require a varnish upon completion.

1. Mix papier maché according to package directions, roll out on waxed paper and allow to dry, just until pliable and easy to bend and mold (about 3 hours). Use scissors to cut out various uneven leaves; pinch them in the center to form wrinkles. Let dry completely, then paint Fern Green.

2. Cut paper towel core to desired lengths and apply papier maché, leaving rough texture. When completely dry, paint Pinecone Brown.

Painting Instructions
1. Use sponge brush to basecoat inside and outside of 10" pot and saucer Tiger Lily Orange. Use #10 flat brush to sideload* shade approximately 1-1/2" to 2" shaded sections with Red Pepper.

2. With 1:1 mix of Fiesta Yellow and Tiger Lily Orange, basecoat 8" pot and saucer. Use #10 brush to shade with Tiger Lily Orange.

3. With 1:1 mix of Tiger Lily Orange and Red Pepper, basecoat 6" pot and saucer. Use #10 flat brush to shade with Geranium Red.

4. Curl covered wire around pencil, then slide off. Gently pull to expand curls.

Finishing Instructions
Use glue to attach the stems, leaves and curled wire on lids.

* Side loading: Dip clean brush into water or extender; blot to remove excess. Dip corner or stroke side edge of brush into puddle of paint to pick up small amount. Remaining in the same spot on the palette, use short repeated strokes to gently move paint across hairs. Turn brush over and stroke through same spot until color moves across hairs, fading away before reaching opposite side
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Pumpkin Pots
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