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 The Miracle of a Silent Night

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The Miracle of a Silent Night Empty
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The Miracle of Silent Night


By Dorothy Travers Zisa


Silent Night, Holy Night

A starlit night of holiness and awe.

A glimmer of eternal love

Offering a timeless, infinite gift

Of supreme hallowed grace.


All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Prayer is a sea of tranquillity,

A tide of serentity that brings forth

An everlasting calm into our lives.


Holy Infant So Tender and Mild

Our thoughts, words, and deeds

Must be gentle and loving

As if we were thinking of, talking to,

And caring for the Infant Jesus.


Round Yon Virgin Mother and Child

Let us bring our fears, sorrows,

Joys and prayers and gratitude

As we kneel before Mary's Infant Son

In the chapel of our hearts.


Sleep in Heavenly Peace,

Sleep in Heavenly Peace,

The peace of the sleeping Infant

Prevails, in holiness and grace,

remaining with us always

As we live in heavenly peace.


Silent Night, Holy Night

Holiness is a flower

Born of silent courage-

Courage inspired by prayer

And the love of our Heavenly Father.


Shepherds Quake at Thy Sight

A sight to Behold! Fear not!

Embrace God's messenger,

The angel of the lord,

With love, humility, and trust.


Glories Stream from Heaven Afar

The glory of God shines

All about us, wherever we may be.

His illustrious light constantly projected

Upon the Screen of life.


Heavenly Hosts Sing Alleluia

Let us sing Alleluia

With the heavenly hierarchy

Let our Joyful voices be heard

By all people of all nations.


Christ the Savior Is Born,

Christ the Savior Is Born.

The Redeemer of all God's People,

The Christ Child, is born not only

In the town of Bethlehem

But in each of us.


Silent Night, Holy Night

The glorious brilliance of God's love

Glitters and gleams upon us

Like the star of Bethlehem

On that holy night of old.


Son of God, Love's Pure Light

What greater gift could God send us

Than His Infant Son wrapped

Not only in swaddling clothes,

But in purity, love, and truth?


Radiant Beams from Thy Holy Face

the sacred smile radiating

From the Infant's venerable face

Enlightens our faith with divine love.


With the Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Children of light, awake each dawn

In the splendor of God's holy love

And His sanctifying grace.


Jesus Lord, at Thy Birth,

Jesus Lord, at Thy Birth.

Each Christmas, we rejoice

For the infant Jesus is born.

Each new day, we rejoice

For the Christ Child grows

In wisdown, age, and grace within us




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The Miracle of a Silent Night
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