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PostSubject: A B C'S OF CHRISTMAS   A B C'S OF CHRISTMAS EmptyThu Nov 06, 2008 9:18 pm

The ABC's Of Christmas
by Jeanne Blomquest

A - Angels from the realms of glory, Telling of the Christmas Story.

B - Bethlehem beckons with Joyful accord; Come hither, come see, and worship the Lord.

C - Christ was born on Christmas Day, Asleep in a manger, a bed made of hay.

D - Divine and holy is Thy Birth; Wing Your flight o'er all the earth.

E - Everlasting Father, and Father of all, Look with mercy and Love on us all.

F - "Fear not," said the angel, one night long ago. "I bring you good tidings, for this I know."

G - "Glory to the Son," we sing, "Christ, our Prophet, Priest and King."

H - Heavenly hosts, their watch are keeping, Precious child so sweetly sleeping.

I - Immanuel, we sing Thy praise, Thou Prince of Life, Thou Fount of Grace.

J - Joy to the world, the Lord is come, Born in a manger, God's only son.

K - King of kings, prophets foretold, Now all men His love behold.

L - Love is a gift. He gives to all, To each of us, both great and small.

M - Messiah and Savior-for this He came-Live in our hearts and there remain.

N - Night so holy, silent and still, Proclaiming Joy, peace and good will.

O - Odors of Edom and offerings divine, Myrrh from the forest and gold from the mine.

P - Peace on earth, good will from heaven, Souls redeemed and sins forgiven

Q - Quietly He came to earth To give us all a second birth.

R - Rejoice, give thanks and loudly sing, Glory to the new-born King.

S - Shepherds watched their flocks by night While Wise Men followed the heavenly light.

T - Tidings of great Joy I bring; Good news from heaven the angels sing.

U - Unto us a child is born On this happy Christmas Morn.

V - Virgin-born, Immanuel, Let every tongue Thy praises tell.

W - Wise Men from the East, they came to Worship and praise His holy name.

X - X is for Christ when in Greek it is read; A Savior, the Lord, so the angel said.

Y - Yonder shines brightly the heavenly star showing the way to those from afar.

Z - Zeal was bestowed on God's only Son from His childhood years till His work was done.
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