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 The Story of the Holly Sprig

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The Story of the Holly Sprig Empty
PostSubject: The Story of the Holly Sprig   The Story of the Holly Sprig EmptyThu Nov 06, 2008 9:27 pm

The Story of the Holly Sprig

"I'n be the shiniest green."
Wished once a spring of holly,
'That e'er at Yule was seen,
And deck some banquet Jolly!"

"I'd be the cheeriest red,"
Wished once the holly-berry.
"That e'er at board rich spread
Helped make the feasters merry!"

The life within them heard
Down dark and silent courses,
For each wish is a word
To those fair-hidden sources.

All Summer in the wood,
While they were riper growing.
The deep roots understood,
And helped without their knowing.

In a little market stall
At Yule the sprig lay waiting,
For fine folk one and all
passed by that open grating.

The Eve of Christmas Day
It had been passed by many,
When one turned not away
And bought it for a penny.

Hers was a home of care
Which not a wreath made Jolly;
The only Christmas there
Was that sweet spring of holly

"Oh this better far
Than banquet!" thought the berry;
The leaves glowed like a star
And made that cottage merry!

From St. Nicholas Magazine, c. 1907
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The Story of the Holly Sprig
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