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 Sammy Scarecrow Wreath

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PostSubject: Sammy Scarecrow Wreath   Sammy Scarecrow Wreath EmptyFri Oct 31, 2008 11:20 pm

Sammy Scarecrow Wreath

designed by Barbara Matthiessen

1- 6" styrofoam ball
2- 4" styrofoam balls

16" straw wreath
9' silk autumn leaf garland
12 green floral pins
1 yd unbleached muslin
14x32 small plaid in autumn colors
1/2yd of denim or pant leg from denim jeans
Polyester fiberfill, small amount
Fabric Glue
Curly Raffia, one package
2 Wood slat 13/16x 7- 1/4
Acrylic Paints Orange, black, white, red
Paintbrushes; stencil; small shader or round
Black permanent markers, fine-line, broad-line
Wire cutters
Serrated Knife
Candle Stuf or paraffin
Rubber bands
Dressmaker's carbon
Extra-long straight pins
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Attach garland to front of wreath with greening pins or hot glue. Wrap garland around wreath twice, keeping leaves on top not sides

Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin and then cut 4" foam balls in half

cut one 24" sq and 2- 9" sq from muslin Wrap 24" sq tightly around 6" foam ball for head. Smooth any wrinkles from face area and then secure excess muslin with a rubber band or short length of jute apply a small amount of glue to further secure. Repeat, srapping" muslin sq around each half ball, tying off excess fabric on flat side of foam. When glue is dry, trim excess fabric

Using pattern and dressmaker's carbon, transfer face to 6" muslin-covered head.

Use a stencil brush and very little red paint to drybrush 1-3/4" circles cheeks, overlapping ends of smile.
Paint nose orange. Dip eraser end of pencil in black paint to dot eyes. Let dry. Dip toothpick in white to dot highlights on eyes and cheeks Using a fine line black marker, draw eyebrows, lower lashes, and penstitiching details on face

Glue curly raffia around top and sides of head for hair, framing face. Glue and insert two toothpicks halfway into flat side of one uncoverd half ball Apply glue to extended ends of toothpicks and then attach the half ball to top of head

In succeeding steps use straight pins to secure fabrics to foam while glue dries

Tear a 12"x36" strip of muslin
Gather fabric lengthwise at center with your fingers and tie with jute.
Fold fathered fabric in half for collar. Glue collar below scarecrows face approximately 1 1/2" from smile

Cut one 2"x22" strip and one 19"x14" rectangle from denim. Tie denim strip in a bow and glue to center top of collar. Trim ends of bow diagonally., Wrap denim rectangle around top of head with attached half ball, overlapping at center back for a hat. Gold up a 1-1/4" cuff around bottom of hat and spot glue to secure Glue hat seam at back. Tie a 10" length of jute around top of hat. Leaving ends intact to tie to wreath later

Tear a 2"x32'' strip of plaid fabric and wrap it around denim hat for a hatband overlap and blue ends, trimming as necessary

Fold remaining 12"x32" rectangel of plaid fabric in half lengthwose right sides together and glue long edges. Turn tube right side out and lightly stuff center with fiberfill to within 4" of each end. Insert a muslin-covered half ball into each end of tube, letting curves peek out one-third beyond fabric to form hands and sleeves. Glue to secure Tie jute in a bow around each sleeve just above hand

Place scarecrow head on inside center bottom of wreath. Separate muslin collar layers, draping one half over front of wreath and other half over back glue back half of collar to wreath . Tie jute at top of hat around wreath to anchor scarecrow head. Center and glue sleeve tube behind bottom back of head, letting arms and hands hang down over front of wreath

Using pattern, transfer sign lettering ot wood slat. trace over lines with broad and find line black markers. Use fine line marker to draw a wavy border around edges of sign

Cut two 5" lengths of jute. Fold each length in half to form a loop and then tie knots in both ends. Glue knotted ends of one loop to the top backcorner of welcome sign and back of corresponding hand. Repeat for remaining loop, making sure sign hangs properly. Trim a few small silk leaves from wreath and then glue to sign
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Sammy Scarecrow Wreath
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