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 Lacy Autumn Leaves

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PostSubject: Lacy Autumn Leaves   Lacy Autumn Leaves EmptyFri Oct 31, 2008 11:22 pm

Lacy Autumn Leaves
These are so Easy to make..........

YOU'LL NEED........
Window screen
Some pretty leaves from real trees
Gold Spray Paint
A Marker
Some white paper ( like in your printer)
Gold, Copper, or Bronze paint pens (from the craft store)
and some newspapers ( to paint on)

Start by cutting the window screen into pieces alittle bigger then your leaf then spray paint the window screen with the gold spray paint, ( on both sides )
Then let it dry

Then take your pretty leaf and trace around it on to the white paper

Then lay a piece of window screen over the traced leaf, And trace the leaf shape again.... On to the window screen with the marker be sure to add the veins.

Then cut your leaf shape out with scissors

Use the paint pen to edge leaf and trace back over the veins

Let it dry

Bend the leaf slightly to look real.
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Lacy Autumn Leaves
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