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 christmas lights 2008

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PostSubject: christmas lights 2008   christmas lights 2008 EmptyMon Dec 15, 2008 9:49 am

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some more photo in my gallery

Me,hubby chris and my son richard started mon18 th nov, it took us 3 days.
then the next few days i would do the wiring (putting in the windows and ouside box )

That sunday i was going to finish off the wire s , but i was nt feeling well that day,
that night we went to bed about 11.45 and about 12.50am our dogs started barking hubby
went to check and went outside some one had stole 4 sets off christmas light of our porch.
i was a bit up set to say the lest, we did nt sleep much the rest of the night .
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PostSubject: Re: christmas lights 2008   christmas lights 2008 EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 12:39 pm

oh that looks great, wow you guys have been busy.
There's some really cute displays around here, I saw one the other day where they laid blue lights in a circle on the ground, and put twinkling lights all over in the inside, to represent a pond, and they had reindeer on the borders of the pond, drinking, and a mr and mrs snowman in the back like they were gazing into the pond. It was really cute. I do something like that, but not a pond, I lay blue rope lights down, like a river and put twinkling lights inside and have reindeer drinking from it.

So sorry about, your lights being stolen, what a bummer that is, kinda makes you wonder about some folks.

But it does look great, wonderful display

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christmas lights 2008
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