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 Christmas Is

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PostSubject: Christmas Is   Christmas Is EmptyThu Nov 06, 2008 9:12 pm

Christmas Is
By Emily Carey Alleman

Christmas Is the Rustle of Secrets,
Tinsel Shining in Eyes,
Lighted Trees Gleaming through Warm Windows,
Whisperings, Surprise.

It's Stockings hung beside Gay Chimneys,
The Silvery Peal of Bells,
Candy Canes and Midnight Carols,
Kitchens with Spicy Smells.

Christmas is the Christ Child's Birthday
It's Love's own counterpart,
Neighbors running in to borrow,
Chimes Tinkling in your Heart

It is the fine, large giving
Of little, big stitched gifts,
It's Santa Clauses in Red Flannel,
Moonglow on Snowdrifts,

Holly Berries bursting from corners,
The woodsy scent of pine.
It is the soul's immortal music,
It is the heart's Star-Shine!
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Christmas Is
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